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Merimeé Restaurant - An honest review - Madrid Food Guru - Authentic Traveling
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Merimeé Restaurant – An honest review

Mar 20 2016

Merimeé Restaurant – An honest review

“An island of comfort and rest, in the busy streets of Malasaña”

Merimeé – Calle Fuencarral 61911 16 67 02
Open Everyday 10am : 1am –

April 2016 – It’s friday evening, late November, your hands are loaded with shopping
bags and gifts.

You already had your glass of Rioja (a good type of Spanish Red Wine, vino Merimee (10)tinto) with your friend and now you are starting to feel a bit hungry. Luckily from last night you remember that Spaniards have dinner starting 10pm, not at 10pm! Well, shops are open till later too, so you are good. Walking south from Quevedo square you enjoy the elegant architecture of Fuencarral, and its shops!

Right in the middle of this huge open air shopping center (Calle Fuencarral 61) you find Merimeé, an elegant design restaurant, with an informal soul. Right from the outside, this restaurant will make itself notice, you will turn your head around and consider eating here one day. Careful not to be dragged by the current though! Fuencarral is for sure a busy street and the hectic energy in the area can influence you. It happened to us for a long time actually!

We tried to stop and dine here for a long time. The esthetics alone, are a clear demonstration of the creators of this jewel, of their mission to provide for you a quiet island of rest and comfort from the busy streets of Malasaña. As soon you enter you cannot but appreciate in awe the big space with very high ceilings. For not really being a huge restaurant, Merimeé does a great job at creating an open environment that is warm and welcoming. They have plenty of tables in the -1 floor so don’t be discouraged if it looks packed and you did not book.

The menu is pretty laid back, offering a popular mix in Madrid nowadays, Spanish classic Tapas (or Raciones better said) with other classics from the US, such as BBQ Ribs, Burgers and Hot Dogs, Spicy Chicken Wings and so on. Check out the menu and see what you find.

This menu was valid in March 2016, prices and selection are subject to change

My first experience in Merimeé started with a delicious Sea Bass Peruvian Ceviche with lime and orange drops on top, great acidity point.I never tried on top of a melba toast, but I must admit it was a genius idea. The bread gets moist at the perfect point leaving that crunchiness. Great!

There is a splash of asian fusion too, I tried the nipponic Tataki (raw red Tuna just barely stirred) and it was ok, I had better ones, mine arrived slightly cold but the quality of the fish was very fresh for sure and the seasoning was well balanced. The presentation was standard, but acceptable.

Merimee (2)

For last, and I admit, it was too much food just as the waiter dared to warn me, I had a magnificently tender BBQ Ribs. Perhaps there was a tiny bit too much sauce all around it, if I really have to look for a flaw but all in all thery were one of the best ribs I had in a long time for sure.

The side fries were ok. A bit too big even if they went for the home made feeling and not as crunchy.

The service was quick, careful and overall very good. I noticed all the other waiters were very smiley and present, I did not have the same luck but it was an enjoyable lunch so I suggest this place to you. Weather for a classy dinner if you are strolling in the center or if you are looking for tranquility during your shopping morning.

Merimeé succeeds in providing you with a calm and relaxing island of elegance in the hectic streets of Malasaña.

Check it out!

Have you tried this restaurant, what do you think about it?
Leave us some comments, and contact us if you need more
recommendations on where to eat in Madrid.

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