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Entertainment in Madrid - Madrid Food Guru - Authentic Traveling
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Entertainment in

Feb 01 2016

Entertainment in

Madrid and the word Entertainment, one city that whirls around fun more than you would guess.

What is “Fun” for you?
In a huge capitals like Madrid, London, New York, there tend to be SO much offer that unless you are subscribed to 10 newsletters, have 5 specific apps and are pretty well connected socially, it is usually so overwhelming that you probably will end up binging on Netflix. But what is entertaining to you? No, I don’t mean like bowling, cinemas or concerts. I mean true quality entertainment. We bet that if you visited Spain, you stumbled upon commercial flashy flamenco shows yourself already too many times, No worries, so the variety of options the Iberian capital offers you is so intriguing that we simply thought that some hints could come in handy.

Yes, you got it, Madrid is the city of flavors, the Arabs that once lived here influenced this potpourri of tastes and mixes, the result? Spanish cuisine is not only unique in its own way, but also amazingly diverse among all of its regions, from the master-chef pintxos of the basque countries (north of Spain) from the delicious oriental-like tapas of Andalusia.

Discover Madrid and its multicultural temptations throughout the hundreds of restaurants and small stands you can find. Some main markets you will notice are more touristy than others (San Miguel, San Anton) but others hide treasures Indiana Jones would be envious of finding (San Fernando, Mercado de la Cebada).
Madrid has a wide selection of great international restaurants also, so check out El Tenedor. Here you can find the selection of the best restaurants opened in 2015, this famous viral article definitely is a solid reference.

Lay Back
Fine dining is not the only option in Madrid. Before or after an amazing meal, you might want to go and try a wisely draughted beer or a glass of loyal Ribera (a classic spanish type of red wine). Many are the terraces we recommend you to relax upon, sharing a nice company with nice views. One of my favorite is the Terrace of Exe hotel in Moncloa, accessible by anyone of course this very hidden terrace is delight, especially as it is never too crowded.


the majestic terrace of Hotel Exe Moncloa with 360° views on the city.

the majestic terrace of Hotel Exe Moncloa with 360° views on the city.

Open from April to October in calle Arcipreste Hita 10, Metro Moncloa. Terraces of Oscar Hotel and the Circulo Bellas Artes deserve a mention and truly are amazing, but a bit more on the beaten track, so choose carefully when you go.

El Jardin Secreto, the secret garden, is unusual gorgeous and well-manicured green terrace on top of a suitcase shop! Crazy, I know. But this is Madrid :) Below it, on the 3rd floor, you find also a british tea house perfect replica, in case you need more calm. Address: Salvador Bachiller Suitcase shop – Calle Montera 37 – 4th floor

4th floor of Salvador Bachiller Suitcase shop!

4th floor of Salvador Bachiller Suitcase shop!

Depending if you can speak spanish or not, Madrid offers you an incredible theater scene, improv-comedy shows and stand up mixes of all sorts. And if your castellano is a bit rusty, international

Jazz or the international Magic festivals might trigger your attention. Concerts and events are also central, if you manage to grant your tickets in time, you can enjoy most international music celebrities here down to the rising stars.

Sala Riviera close to the Madrid River is a splendid concert venue. The acoustics are great and it is an arena built for this purpose so it is convenient to enter and to get out. To see the full list of available concerts visit:

Legendary Sala Riviera, one one of the best Concert Venues of Madrid

Legendary Sala Riviera, one one of the best Concert Venues of Madrid

Don’t forget the classy Opera House of Madrid! You can find the full program of the Opera House of Madrid and you can also buy tickets here:


And now, Just blend in….

First of all, disguise… Take your ‘I Love Madrid’ T shirt off and engage an elegant red shirt or your most flowerish summer dress and aim towards the cinematographic Plaza de la Paja. This hidden square is ironically just behind a very busy street with bars and torrents of young madrileños. 

Viva Burger, considered one of the best Veggie Burger Place in town.

Viva Burger, considered one of the best Veggie Burger Place in town.

You will mostly find locals here enjoying the sun on the many terraces the bars offer. The variety of options and restaurants here varies from Veggie Burgers (Viva BurgerMapto stylish and hipter-ish bars like La Musa or Naya.

From here, why not enjoying the nice weather and the sun kissing your forehead. Walk down Calle Segovia,

La Musa in Plaza de la Paja - Madrid. One of the most stylish bars of the city

La Musa in Plaza de la Paja – Madrid. One of the most stylish bars of the city

passing through the massive Bridge of Calle Bailen (very well lit at night!). Reach Madrid Rio, a gigantic park and green area that develops upon a large underground highway. Walk towards Principe Pio, stroll in the shopping center if you like, and then walk back up to Plaza España.
Now, I now you really would be tempted to proceed towards the attractive Gran Via on your right, but as you will walk up and down this central streets many many times, let’s actually proceed towards Conde Duque area, a hidden gem of the Spanish capital! Few people from Madrid know this place so shhhh!

This modest hill top is very unique, the air here is different. The cultural center of Conde Duque hosts a very valid exposition of contemporary modern Spanish art, a library, an auditorium that hosts in November the Madrid Jazz festival among other events and even a great open air cinema in summer! Wander around this area, discover the ABC free illustration museum and all they stylish bars (Roll cafe, Federal cafe). There is a nice large square, with a church, you can’t miss it, it’s called Plaza de las Comendadoras. Take this square at the end, it will lead you towards Malasaña.


This vibrant district will offer you a great variety of options. Ok, now you have enough to do for at least 2 or 3 days.

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