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Best way from Madrid Airport to the city - Madrid Food Guru - Authentic Traveling
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Best way from Madrid Airport to the city

Oct 12 2015

Best way from Madrid Airport to the city

What is the best way to reach the city center when you arrive? I’ll tell you, RIGHT NOW

Fastest: Get a Taxi. There are always loads, wait time <5mins. Total journey time to center, 20 minutes if no traffic (after 8pm) or 35minutes at most. Follow the TAXI sign anywhere once you land. Grab any taxi. In Madrid unlike other big cities, it’s impossible to get scammed. There is a very rigid regulation and control from the powerful Taxi Union. The price is fixed for 30€. It covers most of the whole province of Madrid. If you will have a second stop, they will charge you only the fare from where the first passenger got off until the second destination. More info or call to book a taxi at 912 20 20 20

Cheapest: Metro. Closed from 1am to 6 am.
5€ (1.5€ regular ticket + 3.5€ Special Airport extra). 50 – 70 minutes to center.
Follow and easily access the metro entrance 5 minutes walk away (indoor) from your gate. Plenty of ticket machines are there and function in many languages, you can pay by card. There are generally 2 human cashiers if you want to ask information, they “sometimes” speak english.
There is only one metro you can get, so here it’s easy. Then you must change once or twice according to which part of the center you need to go. An example to the most central square Puerta de Sol: 

How to get to the center of Madrid, step by step by Metro

How to get to the center of Madrid, step by step by Metro


Cheapest 2: BUS, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Runs every 15-20 mins during the day and every 35 at night.You can also take a bus that goes every 15 minutes from the arrivals exit door, it is clearly signaled, to the 3 destinations in Madrid: O’donnell metro stop, Cibeles Palace and Atocha Train Station. It regularly takes no longer than 40 minutes with regular traffic.
The Airport Shuttle bus is specifically created for travelling passengers so there is plenty of well built space for your luggage and there is always sufficient space given its abundant frequency.

The stop at Atocha-RENFE is not used from 23:30 to 6:00. During this period the departure point is in Plaza de la Cibeles

The stops the bus does on its way to Madrid Central Train Station Atocha

The stops the bus does on its way to Madrid Central Train Station Atocha

Unless you have to go somewhere very close to one of these 3 points in Madrid, I still suggest the Metro. Yes, it could be more compact and if you have luggage it’s complicated, but you will somehow always manage to get off much closer to where you need to go with the Metro.
More Info:


Premium: Have a private driver waiting for you. I must admit I never really used any of these companies but I did some research and these 3 seems like the 3 most respectable local private driver companies. You can use them if you need a Shuttle too:
– Vip Car Madrid
– Shuttle Madrid
– Ares Mobile

Prices can vary between 40€ for a shuttle up to 100€-250€ for a private driver with a premium car (mercedes, audi). 20-30 minutes travel time to the center.

private driver


Hope this was useful, if you need any tips or help on how to reach the center or any other part of madrid feel free to write us :

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