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in 2015, 60,8 million visited Spain. We tell you why! - Madrid Food Guru - Authentic Traveling
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in 2015, 60,8 million visited Spain. We tell you why!

Apr 18 2016

in 2015, 60,8 million visited Spain. We tell you why!

Yes, stop reading this article and book your trip to Spain!

With a strong 4.4% more in visits compared to 2014, Spain is literally blossoming with tourism.
Officially the third most visited country in the world, Spain positions itself in one of the tourism strongholds of Europe. Question is… why?
I know it could sound easy to guess, ok, hey, there is beaches all over, people are nice, and it is mainly sunny all year round. There you go, here is your recipe of success. But perhaps there more details to the story.

First of all the Euro is benefiting after years of being way stronger than the dollar, of a low period, that motivates more visits from the United States. Same situation for the UK and the pound.


With Italy suffering from immigration issues a bit all over its coasts, Greece with internal matters of crisis and debt many preferred to opt for the welcoming beaches of the Iberian Peninsula. More serious turmoils hit also other very popular destinations such Tunisia, Turkey and Egypt.

Spain relies significantly its economy on tourism, the great level of security and services are a clear sign of this. A lot has been done on the Marketing side throughout the years and now it is time to gather the result of this hard work.
Despite the response in the public, Spain was savvy enough to keep a long lasting policy of honest prices. Not tripling all the price tags just to surf the wave.

Another main factor is the offer that Spain has. Weather it is culture, food or sports you are after, Spain truly has it all. Might not be as glamourous as France or Italy for some parts, but in terms of musical, artistical and cultural offer it truly has nothing to envy to any European nation.
It also is pretty much 10-20% cheaper than other main European attractions, and with Spain still needing to recover from the Real Estate failure of 2008, it will probably remain affordable for quite some time.


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For more statistics and insights check out the page of¬†Frontur, the statistics agency linked to Spain’s Ministry of Trade, Energy and Tourism:

And if you really really want to dig in more, or you are simply curious to see how your country is doing, you can check these official websites.

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